Wellness, delivered.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing wellness brands, our mission is to improve the quality of life and overall happiness for people around the world by providing easy access to wellness.

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Wellness, delivered.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing wellness brands, our mission is to improve the quality of life and overall happiness for people around the world by providing easy access to wellness.

Our Why

The Blys Story

Long walks home, a sore back & a resistance to waiting on hold

When Blys founder, Ilter Dumduz, first came up with the idea, he was walking home after a remedial massage. Despite loving his regular massage place, Ilter always found the whole process of getting a massage a bit frustrating. Everything from waiting on hold, to the lack of availability and the travel back and forth. Something that was meant to be relaxing was actually kind of stressful. Upon digging a little deeper, he realised there was huge room for improvement on the therapist side as well. How can we fix this? he thought. In April 2016, Blys was born. A platform that makes professional massage therapy more accessible by streamlining the processes involved in getting a massage.

The power of touch

As Blys evolved, so did our team and mission. Now boasting over 500 therapists and teams in four countries, Blys is the fastest growing on-demand wellness platform in Australia. Through design, technology and our thriving community of expert practitioners – we deliver simple and delightful experiences to customers whilst creating flexible work with above-industry rates for therapists. We believe in the power of “touch”, and how natural therapies such as massage can help people improve their health, wellbeing, and overall happiness. As a team, we’re driven to make wellness as accessible as possible so that people can easily incorporate it into their everyday life. We want everyone to be able to experience the physical and mental benefits it has to offer.

The first chapter

As I’m sure you’ve guessed…the story isn’t over. In fact, it’s just beginning. Stay tuned for the next chapter as we continue to make wellness more accessible to the world.

What we stand for

Our Values

Put the human first. We’re not robots…yet.

From streamlined booking, curated wellness experiences and great customer service – the needs of our customers, therapists and teams are at the forefront of our mind when tackling any project.

Blys Massage Team Values

Practise what we preach

We’re dedicated to making self-care a priority. Not just for our customers but for our team too. We work hard but also understand the importance of keeping our physical and mental health in check. Office yoga, meditation, flexible work hours, massages and office snacks are some of the ways that we fill up our self-care cups.

Blys Massage Team Values

Mistakes aren’t bad

We’re continually testing new ideas which means mistakes are inevitable. Mistakes mean that we’re taking initiative, getting sh*t done and not settling with the status quo. It’s when we try to hide mistakes that stuff gets sticky! Own up, learn, grow and keep bringing wellness to the world!

Blys Massage Team Values

Make kindness the default

In every situation, we practise kindness. Now it sounds simple enough, but in reality, work stress, deadlines and daily challenges, can cloud our judgement (we’re human after all!). That’s why we practise and practise and practise. Over time, this helps to make kindness our default, even when sh*t hits the fan. 

Blys Massage Team Values

Keep learning, stay inspired

Our team and therapist partners are all driven by a common mission to bring wellness to the world. To fuel this mission, we’re forever learning. Whether it’s at a therapist meet-up for aromatherapy, informal stand-up or the office “book library”, we’re always looking to grow and stay inspired individually and as a team.

Blys Massage Team Values

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride

When creating something great, there are always challenges along the way. We try to embrace these challenges, adapt, problem solve and have fun along the way. Rollercoasters are a lot of fun with the right mindset!

Some of the team at Blys HQ in Sydney

Keen to join our growing team?

You can check out current roles on our Careers page or drop us an email at work@getblys.com.au.

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