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Are In-Office Massages Worth It? What The Research Says

By March 8, 2023 No Comments

A massage is all about taking a moment to find some calm and unwind. So you might be curious as to why corporate massages are becoming all the rage. 

What if we told you that booking a massage for your team members can actually create the perfect environment for your employees to zen out and get into the zone when they return to their desks? Curious, right?

We’ve unravelled the link between massage therapy, physical health, and mental health to give you the insider scoop on how massage therapy can boost productivity, reduce stress and increase output for teams. But don’t take our word for it, we’ve rounded up three science-backed studies to convince you.

What is a corporate massage?

As the name suggests, a  corporate massage also called workplace massage is a wellness treatment that happens at the office. Typically these treatments are delivered in three ways, depending on the size of the team and the time allocated to this activity:

  • Desk massages are perfect for offices that are short on space, usually running for five to 20 minutes per team member. These treatments are delivered in a  seated position, without any oil and focus on each person’s neck to reduce aches and pains.
  • Chair massages or seated massages are delivered to your team in a special ergonomic massage chair (provided by your mobile massage therapist). You’ll need to have a 1 x 1.1 metres area of open space for these massages to take place, with each session running for 10 to 30 minutes per team member.
  • Table massages offer full-body massages to your team, without even having to leave the office! These are best delivered in a quiet private area (such as a meeting room), with each lasting for at least 30 minutes per person, perfect for small teams. 

Are massages at work a good investment for companies?

As an employer or boss, you want to ensure you’re investing in activities that will deliver the biggest benefit for your company. Plus, you want to do everything you can to foster a supportive work environment that encourages good work-life balance while boosting productivity. 

Let’s jump into the first study to find out how adding corporate massages to your team’s wellbeing program can benefit your business.  

In this study, the effects of massage were tested on medical school faculty and professionals mid-shift, and the results were surprising. Rather than increasing sleepiness and an overall feeling of being too relaxed to work, the participants actually reported a higher level of focus and attention. 

Increased creativity and efficiency have long been associated with a meditative state, like what your team are likely to feel during and after an office massage.

Boosting relaxation and output – it sounds too good to be true!

What are the physical benefits of massage?

Now we know that a massage will help increase a state of focus and boost the output of your team members, you might be wondering: how can the physical benefits of a massage translate to efficacy in the workplace?

Time for study number two.

This research dives into the physical benefits of massage. Here are the top physical health benefits of corporate massages for team members:

    • In-office massages can actually reduce strain and blood pressure
    • Corporate massages can alleviate migraine and tension headaches
  • A professional massage can boost immune function (meaning fewer sick days)

A massage not only feels great but also helps with overall physical function. And when we feel good, we do good work. 

Whether your employees are hunching over a screen, dealing with stress, or navigating persistent aches and pains, a massage can help keep them in the office and working at their best, too. 

What are the mental benefits of massage?

We’ve had a look at how corporate massages can benefit staff members’ physical health and boost the bottom line for the company. But what about mental health benefits? Turns out there’s a whole list of them too! 

That brings us to study number three

Workplaces that offer a wellbeing program to staff members can improve retention rates and can even help staff members make better health decisions around diet and exercise. Everyone wins!

Professional massages at work have also been proven to reduce burnout. Sure, it’s the buzzword of the moment, but it also has very real implications and is often the reason behind skipped shifts, high staff turnover, and lower output (both in quantity and quality). 

Luckily, including in-office massages can help boost serotonin levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and holistically improve the mental health of your team.  

How to get the most out of a corporate massage

Wondering how to optimise the experience for your team? Here are a few things to consider. 

You may want to communicate the date and time of your in-office massage treatments in advance so your team can wear appropriate loose-fitting attire to work that day. It’s also a smart move to allocate time slots or ‘booking times’ for each team member, so your staff can plan their work day around these treatments (without worrying about rushing off to their next meeting). 

If you’re opting for a table massage or chair massage, make sure to set up a dedicated space in a quiet, private area of your office. This will allow your team to enjoy the full benefits of their treatment, without getting distracted by the office soundtrack.

Which corporate massage is the best option for your team?

Looking for that one-on-one for a top performer or someone who needs a little extra boost? If you have the space, opt for the table massage. For this one, you might want to consider using a private meeting room to get the full experience that will last for a minimum of 30 minutes per team member.

A chair massage will also require you to set a bit of space aside, roughly 1 x 1.5m. This one can be a little quicker and will primarily focus on the head, back, neck, and shoulder. Goodbye tech neck!

Short on space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a desk massage. Your team members remain seated at their desks, and the massage therapist works on their heads, neck, and shoulders, and this can last anywhere from five to 20 minutes. 

Want to get the whole team involved? Blys offers a roving massage too! That’s when a massage therapist will work on each team member at their desk. And With a cost of as little as $20 per person, and with the boost in productivity, it’s a worthwhile investment. Team zen anyone? 

Where can I get a corporate massage?

Ready to book it in but not sure who offers office massage services? If you’re located in or near any major Australian city, check out our handy guide below: 

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