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The 15-minute Activity That Kickstarted Pendula’s Workplace Wellbeing Program

By January 19, 2023 No Comments

As the ever growing list of companies adopting hybrid / remote working models continues to rise, it’s no surprise that the need for unique wellness programs that cater to dispersed teams does to. When Sydney based start-up, Pendula got in touch with us to help them set up a monthly workplace wellbeing program for their team members across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane we were more than happy to help!

Pendula’s Experience Manager, Amanda Baillie was looking to ditch the typical in-office trivia or pub lunch and instead offer her hybrid team a wellbeing experience that would not only entice them back into the office for valuable face-time, but would leave them feeling relaxed and re-energised and reconnected with their team.

Q: What was the inspiration behind booking team massages with Blys and what other activities did you initially look into? 

A: We offer a completely hybrid working model across all of our office hubs, however we know the importance of getting the team together for some quality time. We recently introduced a new wellness benefit for each team member to use on a wellbeing activity of their choice, so we wanted to expand on that benefit and provide a monthly team activity that would benefit them physically and mentally. 

So far the team has enjoyed two sessions with Blys, booking in-office yoga, meditation sessions and of course in-office massages!

It was a great way to encourage the team to get together, enjoy a day in the office along with the catered lunch we provide the team every Thursday.

Q: Pendula has staff across 3 states, how important was it to be able to offer a consistent experience for all members of the team? 

A: It’s super important to us that no matter where the team is located, or if they are on the road a lot—like our sales team, everyone is included in the team experiences and activities. 

We want our team to know that their wellbeing is a top priority and we want more than anything for them to feel happy and healthy at work. The fact that Blys offer their services nationwide in-office and in-homes makes it so easy for us to keep our wellbeing activities consistent across staff. 

Q: How did you find the experience of booking with Blys 

A: Honestly, great! I love that you chat through your company’s wellbeing strategy and then hand it over to Blys for them to create a program that aligns with our company values, strategy and budget.

Having a dedicated wellness consultant at Blys to help you organise your activities makes a world of difference. The team was super accommodating, responsive and were amazing with last minute changes. 

I also love that you can log into the platform and see all of your upcoming bookings which makes it super handy to keep things organised. Plus, it’s so great to work with and support another Aussie start-up.

Q: How did people feel about returning to the office prior to the surprise team event vs after? What was the team’s reaction to the surprise massages? 

A: Everyone was feeling very relaxed and a lot more energised and that was after only one 15 minute massage! They loved it so much that some people went back for seconds or even thirds (we booked our session for 4 hours so the team could come and go as they pleased during the day).

Q: What was the best thing about booking with Blys and would you recommend us to anyone else?

A: The best thing was the fact that the Blys team was so friendly and so easy to work with plus the professionalism of the massage therapists was outstanding. Brendon, our Blys Wellness Consultant, made the process of organising the session so simple. I only gave him a rough brief of what we were looking for and he did all the work to come back to me with a bespoke session that he knew would work well for our team. 


Want to bring wellness to your workplace but don’t know where to start? Enquire with us today and let one of our workplace wellness consultants help you create a unique wellness activity that’s perfect for your team.

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