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A combination of warm essential oils, long flowing strokes and weighted stones are used to break down muscle tension and stress.

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“My massage therapist Evelyn was fantastic and had everything I needed. She listened to what I wanted and did it perfectly. I booked 90 min and the massage was consistent the entire time. I'll only be using Blys from now on, such a great experience!”

BrookeLymphatic Drainage Massage

“My massage therapist Beverly was so nice & professional. She really took her time with me as I am recovering from surgery. Can't wait to book a mobile massage with Blys again.”

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“Great and very professional. Absolutely loved it!”

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“From ease of booking and payment through to the level of service delivered, my 60 minute Swedish massage at home was first class. I will definitely use Blys again and would recommend the service to others.”

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“Amazing!! I got home from work and was in a state of relaxation immediately! It's one of the best massages in London I've had and I don't have to go anywhere now! I could get addicted to this...”

KateDeep Tissue Massage

“I normally go to beauty salons for massages and can never fully relax but with a massage at home, I found myself dozing off and relaxing for the first time in ages as I am a very busy person. Lyndal is hands down the best massage therapist in London.”

JessicaPregnancy Massage

“Thank you so much, my massage was the combination of the perfect amount of deep pressure and relaxation. I have already recommended Blys and their massage services to my friends.”

KimThai Massage

“My massage at home was great! Really professional with a thorough knowledge of muscle groups and identifying muscles that need more attention. My massage therapist even gave me a couple of stretch techniques that I can use to avoid tight muscles. He is undoubtedly one of the best massage therapist in London. Would highly recommend Blys!”

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Hot stone massage is an indulgent form of relaxation that incorporates smooth stones heated in water. These stones are placed along pressure points along the body. The penetrative heat affects the deep layers of tissue for a revitalising experience.

Hot stone massage is an ancient practice derived from traditional Chinese medicine. In the modern age, we often use heat to alleviate pain and discomfort, usually associated with cramps or other muscle afflictions. Hot stone massage therapy is a favourite wellness treatment for people around the globe.

hot stone massage

Why Choose Blys for Hot Stone Massage?


If you want to experience the many benefits of hot stone massage without leaving the house or waiting weeks for a booking at your local spa then Blys is for you! We’ll connect you with qualified and highly skilled hot stone massage therapists who will come to you with everything they need.

Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth, flat and heated stones that are placed on specific parts of the body also used to massage out tight tense muscles. This technique is designed to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.

With Blys you can forget the hassle of travelling to and from the spa and instead let a top-rated mobile hot stone massage therapist take care of you in the comfort of your own home, hotel or office, 7 days a week, between 6 am and midnight.

Benefits of Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage has understandably become a super popular form of massage due to its many amazing health benefits. Hot stone massage has the ability to:

  • Relieve muscle tension and pain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve blood flow
  • Improve sleep quality

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Book a hot stone massage instantly with the Blys app or website. Bookings can be made same-day or in advance with providers available from 6am to midnight, 7 days a week. Enjoy flexible payment options with all Credit Cards, PayPal and Afterpay available.

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Sydney, Relaxation Massage

"I had an in-home massage and it was absolutely amazing. The process was so simple to book everything in and it really made me realize that I can have a self-care routine without leaving the house."


Melbourne, Remedial Massage

"I downloaded the app, contacted one of the massage therapists and within an hour, I had a massage therapist at home, fully equipped with all of their equipment. It was an amazing treatment, extremely professional."


Brisbane, Swedish Massage

"I woke up on Sunday with a really sore neck, found Blys online and within one and a half hours had a massage therapist in my home giving me a fabulous massage."


Sydney, Deep Tissue Massage

"I use Blys services quite regularly. I find all the therapists very reliable. I like the flexibility. I can have it at my hotel or home, anytime I like."

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a few questions?

What is hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth, flat and heated stones that are placed on specific parts of the body and also used to massage out tight tense muscles. This technique is designed to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.

How does hot stone massage work?

The weighted stones provide pressure to certain parts of the body that require attention. The heat from the stones penetrates into the deeper layers of skin and fascia, providing a unique relaxation experience. The heat is able to soothe stress and tension, encouraging your body to relax elementally. Heat is a form of natural pain relief and essentially unwinds tight muscle fibres to ensure muscular relief.

What should I look for in a hot stone massage therapist?

Hot stone massage is a specialised form of massage that requires a trained professional to perform. All massage therapists on the Blys platform are qualified, carefully vetted and insured.

Who would benefit from a hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage is an excellent form of muscular relief. It is especially good for anyone who experiences lower back pain, back pain, shoulder and neck pain. Hot stone massage is a preferred modality from those who suffer from chronic pain afflictions like fibromyalgia, arthritis and scoliosis-related pain. The heat of the stones is ideal for muscle pain, back spasms and cramps. As hot stone massage is deeply relaxing, it is also an excellent therapy for those who experience intense stress, or even insomnia.

Who should not get a hot stone massage?

If you are highly sensitive to heat then this may not be the therapy for you; your massage therapist will always ensure that your stones are at an appropriate temperature to affect change in the body, although each person’s heat receptors are different. Hot stone massage should not be performed on anyone with open wounds. If you have recently undergone surgery or had an injury, speak with your health care professional. As with any physical therapy, you should always consult your health care professional before engaging in new therapies.

What is included in a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage includes a full body oil massage with the use of smooth, flat and heated stones that are placed on specific parts of the body and also used to massage out tight tense muscles.

Can you get a hot stone massage while pregnant?

A full-body hot stone massage or placement of hot stones over the abdomen is not recommended during pregnancy, however, a massage therapist trained in prenatal massage may be able to use hot stones to perform a spot treatment on certain areas where there is muscle tension such as the neck and shoulders. If you are pregnant, it’s always best to check with your doctor before you book any type of massage.

Does hot stone massage hurt?

Not at all. The stones used in a hot stone massage are not heavy and are only warmed to a comfortable temperature.

How much is a hot stone massage?

With Blys, prices for a hot stone massage start at $139 for a 60 minute session.

What should you do after a hot stone massage?

Relax! Drink plenty of water and do something calming like having a bath, getting cosy on the couch or even have a nap.

How should I prepare for my hot stone massage?

Please ensure that your hot stone massage therapist has access to a supply of hot water and a powerpoint. Ideally, have a full kettle boiled and ready prior to your massage therapist arrival as this will reduce set-up time and ensure you get the most from your hot stone massage. As this therapy uses heat, ensure that you are well hydrated, and continue to drink water after your massage. We recommend eating something small no less than two hours prior to your massage.

What can I expect from a hot stone massage?

Your therapist will always strive to make you feel as secure, safe and comfortable as possible while they are in your home. Feel free to communicate openly with them – they are a professional! Your massage therapist will likely ask for a history of your health conditions to ascertain how best to address them. A massage table is used during hot stone massage and you will generally be lying prone (face-down).

Hot stones are heated to a hot yet comfortable temperature. Your hot stone massage therapist will always ensure that the stones are an adequate, safe temperature to use on your body. A hot stone massage should never burn you or cause pain of any kind; there should be just enough heat to affect the deep muscle layers and provide ultimate relaxation.

How shall I feel after a hot stone massage?

The effects of a hot stone massage are generally felt straight away as heat is retained in the muscles for some time. Tension, stiffness and pain are melted away by the luxurious heat. Hot stone massage is incredibly relaxing, so expect to excuse yourself quickly to slide straight into a hot bath or even into bed.

What are the potential benefits of hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage improves mobility and provides an immmunity boost. Pressure points are affected by the stones as the heat penetrates into the deep layers of muscle and fascia. Along with the hot stones, your massage therapist will use a series of regular massage techniques, including strokes and kneading. Hot stone massage is great for any kind of physical pain, especially muscular. It also alleviates strain in the joints, particularly in the lower back, spine and neck. Hot stone massages have been reported to assist in autoimmune disease symptoms, which coincides with the boost to the immune system. Stress, anxiety, tiredness and lethargy can also benefit from a hot stone massage.

Can I get a hot stone massage near me?

You sure can! To book your next hot stone massage at home, head to the Blys website or download the app and have a professional therapist delivered directly to you.

Is hot stone massage good for you?

Absolutely! Some of the benefits include: relief from muscle tension and pain, reduction in stress and anxiety and improved blood flow and sleep quality.

What should I wear for a hot stone massage treatment?

Anything you feel comfortable laying down in. If you’re getting a full body massage with oil, your hot stone massage therapist will give you a moment of privacy before the treatment starts to get dressed down to your underwear and hop onto the massage table underneath the towels. If you’d prefer to keep leggings or other items of clothing on, just let your massage therapist know and they will be able to accommodate you.

Who should not get a hot stone massage?

If you suffer from high blood pressure, open wounds, inflamed skin or diabetes it’s always best to consult with your doctor before having a hot stone massage or any kind of massage treatment.

How long does a hot stone massage last?

With Blys you can book a hot stone massage that lasts 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

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