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  • Earn 2 to 3 x more than the industry standard
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  • Trusted by 150,000+ verified customers and growing rapidly in the United Kingdom
  • Aussie-owned and run
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The go-to platform for mobile massage and beauty professionals

But don't just take our word for it. Check out what providers using the Blys platform have to say:


Massage Therapist

"The convenience and flexibility of the lifestyle that you can have working with Blys suits me so well having family and other work commitments. I can really pick and choose the work that is offered through Blys, and having someone else source those clients and take the payments and organise everything just makes it so much easier and takes all the stress out of it for me."


Massage Therapist

"I love Blys because they take care of the sales and marketing. So all I have to do is sit back and wait for a booking request. You work for yourself so you work as much or as little as you want with no pressure. It's much better than a clinic or day spa. Blys is an awesome platform. I would never do mobile massage without them again."


Massage Therapist

"I actually love working with Blys. It's really convenient. The jobs come through and you can pick them up or not pick them up. It's basically working with your schedule and your availability and the locations that suit me. I'm never sure of a massage job. I make my full living from Blys"


Massage Therapist

"I've been able to travel the entire East Coast and without a doubt, I get work wherever I go. The stability is very reassuring. I also love the ease of the app and it's very user friendly. You just pop on your phone, see what's going on and see what you'd like to put your hand up for. I really, really love Blys."

Earn 2 to 3 x more than the industry standard

  • Tap into our database of clients: we find the clients, process the payments, and take care of the customer service
  • No sign up costs or ongoing fees: it’s completely free to join
  • Weekly payments: deposited straight into your bank account
  • Transparent pricing: see exactly what you earn from every booking
  • Get paid even when clients cancel: we charge clients for late cancellations up to 100% of the booking fee

Work where and when you want

  • Choose your own hours: work the days and times that suit your schedule
  • Select where you work: we’ll only send you job notifications for your preferred locations
  • Complete flexibility: simply switch your profile to offline when you’re not available to take jobs
  • Seamless scheduling: our simple to use app makes managing your business on the go easier than ever
  • Repeat clients: build a list of repeat clients that can be easily rebooked through the app

Feel safe and secure

  • Choose which clients you accept bookings from: view details such as gender, location, ratings and how regular they book with Blys before you accept
  • Dedicated provider support team: available 7 days a week
  • Verified client accounts: clients need a valid mobile number and credit card before we let them place a booking request
  • Tracked bookings: with a cutting-edge mobile check in / check out system so we know you’ve safely completed your booking
  • Monitored client reviews: providers can review clients after each appointment. Any client that doesn’t comply with our service guidelines is removed from our platform immediately

Ongoing Support and Professional Development

  • Gain direct access to the Blys HQ team: Through a private Facebook group you’ll be able to connect with the Blys HQ team directly to ask questions, give feedback and work together to evolve the service offering and app functionality. It’s also a great place to connect with fellow professionals using the Blys platform.
  • Exclusive workshops and events: sharpen your skills and learn from your peers and industry leaders – whilst earning CE points
  • Have fun and connect with your peers: with annual end of year drinks

Pro apply page

Perks and Exclusive Offers

  • Unlimited referral bonuses: refer a fellow provider to Blys, and once they complete 3 bookings, you’ll receive a £50 cash bonus
  • £50 Blys store credit: for every 100 bookings you complete as a provider, you’ll score a £50 credit to use towards an in-home Blys treatment of your choice

Provider Success Stories

This is why Blys is rated the #1 platform for mobile massage and beauty professionals.

I love the convenience that Blys provides. It’s easy to work, a good way of connecting clients to reliable, quality therapists and from the therapist perspective, it’s a handy way to see a few extra clients on the side of my current clinic hours. It’s a step forward in the massage industry in simplifying the massage booking process and providing convenience for the client to not have to scroll through endless google search results to find a massage therapist, who probably doesn’t have any appointments available when you want it anyway. In summary, three words: convenience, simplicity, quality.

Blys Therapist

I love Blys for the reasons being it’s a platform for therapists to do what they love doing without having to do the things they don’t like doing such as marketing and advertising. It’s a two way street. As it’s only starting up, I’m excited for the opportunity to meet new customers and work as a team. Plus the guys that brought it to fruition are pretty awesome. 🙂

Blys Therapist

Blys handles the business side of my craft. It’s a well organised operation and a concept that is needed to fill that side of the market that runs on an accountable and networking online community.

Blys Therapist

How The Blys Pro App Works

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Frequently Asked Questions



As the owner of your own business, you have full control over when and where you work or accept bookings through our platform.

Our licence agreement is non-exclusive, which means you’re completely free to work wherever you want whilst you’re an active member of our platform.


 The first step is to sign-up via the Provider sign-up page. We’ll then send you an email containing a link to upload your documents. These are the documents we will be asking you to upload:

  • Certificate of qualification related to massage or beauty therapy
  • Public liability insurance
  • DBS certificate (no older than 12 months)
  • Photo identification
  • Your own equipment
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills

After we have received all of your documents you will be given access to our platform.

If you don’t have any of these documents, you can still sign up. Simply let us know after you’ve signed up and we will assist you in getting these documents.


You can get insurance online easily. There are a variety of insurance companies to choose from.


Yes, clients can easily rebook the same provider from their account on our website or mobile app.


 Yes, certainly. Sign up now and we’ll let you know when we’re launching in your city.


If you know any qualified providers who might be interested in earning extra income and working flexible hours, share this page with them and ask them to sign up via our website.

As a token of our appreciation, we offer you £100 for every provider you refer to Blys, which gets transferred to your account when your friend completes 3 bookings.

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