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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Blys work?

Blys is the fastest, easiest and safest way to book massage and other
wellness services in Australia & New Zealand.

Blys delivers the best-qualified wellness professionals to your doorstep – by connecting you to a
qualified & trusted service provider.

No phone calls, no cash payments, no stress about finding the right service provider or making the
journey to the spa and back. You simply go online and let us know what type of treatment you want and where &
when – and we’ll have a qualified and trained professional knocking on your door in no time with
everything you need.

Some of our customers describe us as ‘Uber for Massages’ or ‘Uber of

Which areas do
you serve?

Check available service providers in your local area and
book from here:

Can I choose my provider before booking?

Yes! You can browse providers in your area by heading to the provider directory and inputting your location and preferred service type into the search field. 

From here you can click the individual provider listings to view their complete profile including their bio, reviews and rating.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred nail technician you can book them directly by clicking the ‘book’ button on their profile page. 

If your selected provider isn’t available, we’ll prompt you to either reschedule to another time or select another nail technician in your area.

What times can I book a

Sessions start from 6 am to midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – including
holidays. These hours refer to the first and last available appointment start

What types of services
can I book through Blys?

You can book in-home massage and beauty  7 days a week, 6am to midnight.

Click here to view our full

You can also buy gift vouchers which can be used to book any
treatment of choice.

How do I book?

Bookings are
made in a few simple steps online via
 our website or Blys mobile app using your Apple or Android devices where you can customise your treatment and pay securely for your session.

Once the booking is confirmed (accepted by a service provider), payment will be automatically
processed. Your card/ account is not charged until your booking is confirmed. We only put an authorisation request
for the total amount on your card, just to make sure you have sufficient funds for your booking. If for whatever
reason you end up cancelling, those funds would just be released immediately without leaving your bank.

Click this link for more
information on how to book.

much do you charge? What are the rates?

Click this link
to find out the base charges and rates of services you can book through Blys.

To help us run our platform, provide you with customer service and find you the best quality providers, we charge a small processing fee which is 10% of the total booking fee.

We also charge a little extra during peak times when demand for providers is high and also when providers need to pay for parking. These fees ensure providers using the Blys platform are paid fairly for their time and services.

  • Processing fee: 10% of total booking
  • No parking: $20 per provider
  • Hotels and serviced apartments: $30 per provider
  • Bookings between 6am and 8am: $20 per provider
  • Bookings between 6pm and 9pm: $20 per provider
  • Bookings between 9pm and 12am: $40 per provider
  • Bookings on a Saturday or Sunday: $20 per provider

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Please note
that you are not charged for a pending booking request until it is accepted and confirmed by a provider.

You may reschedule or cancel pending booking requests at any time without penalty.

Confirmed bookings are requests that a provider has accepted.

  • The booking payment is charged when a booking is confirmed.
  • Confirmed bookings cannot be rescheduled; you must cancel the confirmed booking (fees may apply, see
    below) and create a new booking to change the time or date.

View our cancellation policy: Client
Cancellation Policy

I made a booking but I haven't received a
confirmation yet.

Please get the Blys mobile app
to check the progress of your booking or contact our team on

Get The Blys App

In the unlikely event that there are no available service providers in your area, we will get in touch with you as soon
as possible to check whether you wanted to reschedule, or cancel. Alternatively, please feel free to modify
your booking online
. (Note: we don’t charge you unless your therapist is confirmed, so no stress about being out
of pocket for a service you haven’t received).

How do I cancel
or change my booking?

Should you wish to change your booking, you may do so either from
the mobile app or web app – fees may apply. See How
do I modify / update my booking?

We understand that plans can change. Depending on the progress of the booking, different options are available.

See also Blys
Cancellation Policy
for more information.

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