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Massage staffing made easy.

Scale your health & wellness business with Blys White, the best massage staffing solution from your go-to booking platform for mobile massage and beauty treatments.

  • Never lose a client again due to therapist unavailability
  • Minimise your costs – optimise your staffing for demand
  • Professional and reliable massage therapists that you can trust
  • Highly qualified & vetted therapists, on demand
  • 6am to midnight, 7 days a week
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Qualified and highly skilled providers, all screened in advance.

Why Use Blys White?


Businesses that require massage therapists often face these problems:

  • Unreliable staff
    • Therapist no-shows causes risks to the business
  • Fluctuating demand
    • Demand can spike and catch the business unprepared, often resulting in lost customers
    • Demand can go down for a period, costing the business if the business has in-house therapists that they pay regardless of demand availability)
  • High churn rate
    • Often due to the therapist burning out or finding another job

Blys White allows businesses that require massage therapists with on-demand access to Blys’ network of qualified, insured and vetted therapists so that businesses can solve their massage therapist staffing problems easily.

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Qualified therapists - Blys White


All therapists are qualified, carefully vetted and insured.

Personal - Blys White


Therapists provided by Blys can be trained specifically for your business – wearing your own branded uniforms, using your preferred products.

Reliable - Blys White


Have confidence in your business knowing that Blys can provide you with a therapist at short notice.

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With the largest network of qualified therapists, we can cater for all sizes of businesses. 

Economical - Blys White


Pay only for the hours booked and worked, and save money when it’s quiet.

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Book & manage all your therapists easily with our online booking system.

We make self-care easy

How It Works

Step 1: Book

Select your preferred treatment, location, date and time.

Step 2: Connect

We'll post your booking for free and confirm when an available provider accepts.

Step 3: Meet

Sit back and relax, your provider comes to you!

You won't be charged until your booking is confirmed. View our cancellation policy here.

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