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How Mindfulness Can Ease Transition from Holiday to Work

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Do you feel stressed out at the thought that the holiday period is over? You may be thinking back on the glorious times you had, doing the things you loved, or reminiscing the pampering you received while on vacation. Now, going back to your office booths or your textbooks, and setting the alarm clocks again is not exactly the most stimulating of things.

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However, shifting from that happy-go-lucky vacation mood to “at work” status is not impossible and does not take forever. It can be as simple and hassle-free as you allow it to be. There is one way of successfully moving from vacation mode to work mode — and that is mindfulness.

Proponents of mindfulness say that everyone will gain from being mindful. Among its possible benefits include calmness, self-discipline and firmness of mind, sound judgement, increased adaptability, better focus and mental lucidity, enhanced emotional intelligence, and the ability to compassionately relate to others and with one’s self. But is it true that mindfulness can help? With today’s cutthroat scenarios in almost all aspects of human life, where does mindfulness come in? And how does it help when one has to shift from leisure to the daily fuss and ruckus of work life?

What is mindfulness?

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Mindfulness has been linked to psychological well-being and has been characterized as a “moment-by-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment.”

Practicing mindfulness lets us acquire the “space” we need to create understanding about the things we value. It also provides us clarity about the options we face. When we are mindful, we are capable of accepting the reality that no decision will ever be “100% correct,” yet, it can allow us to arrive at the best decision for ourselves at the moment that we need it.

Mindfulness is especially vital during periods of transition or when we are confronted with changes. One simple transition that we humans must contend with is when we need to go back to work after a very long hiatus spent in the quiet rugged mountains or in the midst of a breathtaking sunset at the beach.

Easing transition from holiday to work through mindfulness

Trying to get back to work life from a tranquil vacation can be an arduous struggle between our senses and the mind. To make things easier for us, a few simple mindfulness activities can be practised to alleviate the disorientation that can surely take place during the transition. These are:

Mindfulness meditation

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This is not a new-found concept. Spiritual passages have glorified mindfulness for many centuries, and it is fundamental to Buddhism and other reflective customs. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of giving attention to what we experience in each second without wandering into thoughts of the past or concerns about what is in store in the coming days, and without analyzing and creating judgments about the things happening around us. Meditation can lessen tension, relieve pain, clear our mind, and make us more cognizant of our physical body. Most important of all, we can do it at any time.

Savoring food

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When we eat our meals on autopilot while being deflected by the news on television, our computing devices or continuous chatter, we don’t seem to notice the scrumptious taste and aroma of the food before us. We would also not feel happy and fully nourished because we did not truly enjoy our meal.

In this regard, it would be valuable to think of this phrase — “When you drink, drink; when you eat, eat.” We should not attempt to do twenty other things when we take our meals. We simply need to focus all our attention on what we are presently doing.


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Many of us feel guilty about indulging ourselves. We shouldn’t be, though, because it can do wonders for our physical and mental health. For instance, massages and facials are beneficial since they can relieve pain and can help us come through emotional slumps and anxiety. They can also relieve tension and can facilitate blood circulation. A Swedish massage, for example, is the perfect treat for the body to help you reach the pique of relaxation.

Sincere listening

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A lot of us never genuinely listen to people when they speak to us because we are too busy planning how to react, judge what they are saying, or we get lost in our own thoughts and daydreams.

Therefore, the next time we are in a conversation, we should make sure to fully listen to what the other person is saying, without meandering in our own thoughts. When we truly listen, we will intuitively know what to say or how to react when it is our turn to speak.

“Getting lost” in the things we love doing


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We all have things we love to do. These activities connect us with our inner selves and make us totally enlivened. It could be painting, cooking, singing, gardening, writing, dancing, swimming, or martial arts. We love doing these activities so much that we usually “lose” ourselves in them. This means that we lose our smaller selves — our agitated thoughts and anxieties — because we are streaming down all our passion and attention into these activities at the present moment.


The demands and stressors of contemporary living can have a tremendous destructive effect on our well-being. These lead to mental, emotional, and physical strain. Similarly, when we feel pain or irritation in our bodies, it can influence our state of mind; thus, it is crucial to look after our minds and bodies well in order to attain the right balance in our lives.

While mindfulness helps us maintain our mental and spiritual well-being, a home massage can help us ensure our physical wellness. For instance, a Swedish massage naturally stills the body and mind. By deliberately slowing down our mind with a few easy mindfulness exercises, we can considerably heighten the positive effects of this relaxing activity on anxiety, depression, and even bodily well-being.

We need to always remember that the mind-body link is a potent one. Practicing mindfulness is a valuable idea and can help us avoid psychological difficulties and physical incapability.

Another good way to care for our body is by getting a home massage. It not only relaxes the body; it is also an important stress-reliever in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Why not book a Blys massage to get a relaxing in-home massage before you return to work? Blys Massage is an oasis of skilful massage experts who are only too willing to assist those who seek to feel peaceful and more rested.

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