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Postpartum Massage: Your Questions Answered

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postpartum massage your questions answered

Bringing new life into the world is a huge milestone. So first before we go any further, pat yourself on the back, mama. 

Self-care and nurturing your body are two things that might have fallen off your radar in the haze of new parent life. That’s why treating yourself and booking a post-pregnancy massage is one of the best ways to put yourself first.

So, how does a postnatal massage differ from a typical massage treatment?  Not only do these treatments relieve tension, reduce stress and support recovery, but an at-home postpartum massage can bring the benefits of this self-care treatment to your door.

What is postpartum massage?

A postpartum massage includes many of the same elements as a regular massage, but the treatment is tailored to post-birth body aches and pains to provide relief to new mums. It usually happens within the first 12 weeks postpartum and includes a specific set of movements and postnatal massage techniques to gently support recovery from birth.  

Aside from the obvious benefits (such as relaxation, stress relief and pain relief), the best postnatal massage sessions are an effective way to relieve postpartum symptoms including sore muscles, hormone regulation, tired wrists and swollen legs. 

How long should you wait after birth before getting a massage?

Are you wondering, “can you get a massage after giving birth?” While it’s important to give your body time to recover, you can absolutely book a massage after birth. 

The best time to book a dose of postnatal massage therapy is whenever you feel comfortable and ready. The wait time differs from person to person.  For those who have had a vaginal delivery, a longer wait time generally won’t apply, unless your doctor says otherwise. 

However, if you’re recovering from a Caesarean delivery it is best practice to allow at least four to six weeks for any incisions to heal following birth. Once you’re ready for a postnatal massage after a C-section, you’ll be able to lie face down on the bed for maximum comfort and relaxation.  

There are so many benefits to postnatal massage, with studies showing that having a back massage soon after birth can help with lowering levels of postpartum anxiety. 

Remember these timelines are just guidelines and don’t take into account the unique circumstances of your own birth experience. Make sure to chat with your doctor to find out when it’s safe to book a postpartum massage

What are the benefits of postnatal massage? 

Postnatal massage helps women relax and unwind after kicking off a very exciting new chapter of life. Whether you book a postnatal massage at home or look for a postnatal massage near me, you’ll be sure to reap a stack of powerful benefits, including:

  • Lowers pain: Aches and pains after giving birth are very common side effects for new mums. A postpartum massage has the power to relax muscles and lower your stress levels by rebalancing your hormone levels.
  • Reduces swelling: Circulation could be impaired following birth, along with increased pressure on major blood vessels caused by a heavier-than-usual uterus. A post-natal massage will improve lymphatic drainage, therefore reducing swelling and water retention. 
  • Improves stability and posture: Some women find their stomach muscles weaken and separate during and after pregnancy. This abdominal separation is known as diastasis recti. While it’s a common condition that can quite often heal itself with time, a postnatal massage can help support and speed up this recovery process. 
  • Reduces stress and boosts mood: Postpartum depression is more common than you think. It’s natural to experience stress, anxiety and depression during this time, as well as other heightened emotions. Professional massage therapy will help unwind, carve out time to focus on yourself and walk out feeling energised and refreshed. 

What to expect from postnatal massage therapy  

Your postpartum massage therapist will use a slightly different technique than a regular massage. Pregnancy and birth can take a big toll on your body, so your therapist will make sure you’re treated to a gentle, restorative session. 

The focus is to repair and rejuvenate the body with the techniques of Swedish massage used. Your therapist’s touch will be much lighter, including softer pressure and broader strokes to avoid putting any extra strain on your body. You might request a focus area too, such as if you have back pain or you’re struggling with swelling and pressure around your legs. 

Your therapist will perform a full body massage that will boost circulation, relieve tension and help the body heal. 

Why in-home massage treatments are perfect for new parents 

Whether you’re time-poor, nap-trapped or can’t leave home, Blys will come to you with our on-demand massage services. Feel confident knowing you’re getting a professional massage in the comfort of your own home, by a therapist who specialises in postnatal therapy and understands what you need for a relaxing, restorative session. 

Forget about the stress of leaving your baby at home and let self-care come to you (no matter what your schedule looks likes).  

Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself with a well-deserved massage or you know someone who is expecting a little one, give the unique gift of me-time with a Blys massage voucher.

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