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Learn from successful mentors & acquire new skills to find your place amongst them.

Digital wellness solutions tailor-made by industry professionals.

If you have a problem, we have the mentor who has been there, done that. Connect with real people who possess a plethora of invaluable knowledge and experience in a variety of fields. Your one-on-one coaching session will evaluate your goals and structure a plan with the necessary tools to help you achieve them. Available specialties include Health, Relationships, Life/Lifestyle, Performance, Business, Leadership & Communications Coaching.


From £120

An introductory session to assess & strategise your path to success.


From £159

A standard session to coordinate challenges & resolve potential issues.


From £239

A masterclass-style session that provides all the tools you need for success.

Price includes online one-on-one guided session with an experienced mentor. Tailored for you, your experience, and your goals.