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Specialised mat pilates training that focuses on rehabilitation & strengthening the core.

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Pilates is a low-impact exercise that is fantastic for all ages and fitness levels. It borrows elements of yoga and ballet to create movements that focus on building strength, rehabilitating injuries, losing weight and toning up. For your digital pilates session, you’ll need adequate space to exercise. We also recommend that you use a pilates or yoga mat. If you don’t have one available, feel free to use a towel. If you are working with an injury, we suggest being cleared by your doctor before participating in any physical activity. You must provide doctor’s clearance if you are booking a pregnancy pilates session whether you are pre-natal or post-natal.

Your online pilates practitioner will be experienced and knowledgable, providing the foundational steps if you are a beginner to ensure that you have confidence and correct form. Each session is tailored to achieve your individual goals, whether you want something simple or challenging.

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Pilates is a full body, low-impact fitness regime designed to improve posture, strengthen the core & work towards rehabilitation. Find your personal pilates instructor!