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yoga at home


Stretch it out wherever you are with one-to-one online yoga sessions.

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yoga at home

Yoga is an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices with a 2500-year-old history rooted in Vedic traditions. It brings together the body and mind through breath-work and intentional movement with the ultimate goal of reaching a greater state of being. Yoga cultivates health and wellbeing and evokes feelings of clarity and restoration. Physically, yoga works to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Yoga can be considered an approach to life as much as a physical exercise regime. It places an emphasis on control and discipline of the mind whilst allowing natural energies to flow throughout.

Each Blys yoga class requires only ample space within which to work, and a yoga mat (or towel if you do not have one). Your online yoga instructor will be experienced and knowledgable, providing the foundational steps if you are a beginner to ensure that you have confidence and correct form. Each session is tailored to achieve your individual goals, whether you want something simple or challenging.