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Power Yoga

Unique sessions with qualified experts for the serious & disciplined yogi.

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Feel the power thrum within you in this electrifying and dynamic session. Designed for the true yogi, this is class incorporates elements of Yang yoga to engage the core for strength. Opening with sun salutation asanas, working through the bandhas with advanced movements, and finishing on the floor, this is session is all about full-body activation and balance. Recommended for experienced yogis.

Power Yoga is performed on a mat (or a towel) and requires enough space to perform the movements without restriction. Your yoga instructor will begin each session with a brief consultation, breaking down your experience, fitness level and personal goals. The idea is that each one-on-one session will be tailored, like a personal trainer would. If your goal is to build strength, improve flexibility or balance, or familiarise yourself with the Vedic practices and principals, this will be covered in the consultation. From there, your instructor will curate your personal yoga routine to work together towards your goals.


From £49

A swift & sweaty advanced session.


From £79

A challenge & reward the whole body.

Price includes online one-on-one guided session with your personal instructor. Tailored for you, your experience, and your goals.