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7 Quick Relaxation Tips for the Time-Poor

By October 6, 2016 No Comments

Do you have your hands full? Are you in a relentless balancing act with work, children, family, and friends? Don’t have the chance to just relax and take a deep breath?

If your answer was yes to the questions above, I’m sorry but you’ve got a problem. It’s easy to neglect yourself and your health as a priority when you’re time-poor and this may cause adverse effects including chronic stress, fatigue, changes in your sleeping pattern, over-eating, or under-eating, and not to mention the strain it may cause on relationships. The good news is that it’s not too late to change your routine despite your hectic lifestyle.

Here are a few quick relaxation tips for the time-poor:



It may seem like a pointless chore to some people but even just 20 minutes a day of exercising is helpful. Physical activity increases the blood flow to your brain, heart, muscles, and releases hormones that make you feel happy. It’s also a good idea to try to take little frequent breaks to stretch and move around to recompose yourself.

Go for a lunchtime walk:

You’ve been stuck in between the four same walls at work. You don’t need to be stuck staring at them with the little break you have. Wake your senses up again by having lunch outside or go for a short walk.

Get a plant inside your home/office:

It may sound weird but plants aren’t just for decoration. There is scientific evidence that indoor plants help you to be calm and increase concentration.

Do something fun with the family:

Looking after the kids doesn’t have to be stressful or a bore. Have a tea party with your kids, or dress up and be their villain, watch a movie, or organise a family game night.

Stay away from technology:

The world won’t burn if you turn off your phone for half an hour or so. This argument can go on for ages but it’s important to live in the real world, rather than constantly focusing on the digital world.


The most important thing for you time-poor individuals is to take a moment and breathe. Drop everything. Find a quiet spot where you can focus on your breathing.


Unwind and loosen the tension in your muscles with a relaxing massage. A good massage can also ease muscular pain and headaches. If the last thing you want to do is to drive out to find a good massage place with the little time you have, you can rely on Blys’ mobile massage to come to you to give you the me-time you need.

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