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How To Maximise Your Health Fund Benefits Before They Expire

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when do health insurance benefits reset

The end of the year is approaching and there’s no better way to enter 2023 feeling your best than by prioritising yourself and your health.

Did you know that most health fund benefits renew at the end of the year? Taking advantage of your remaining extras and benefits is a great way to get your money’s worth, practice self-care and enter the new year feeling rejuvenated. 

If you’re looking to claim massage health fund rebates and maximise your benefits before they run out, we’ve pulled together a helpful guide to the best in-home wellness services you need to book before December 31st 2022.

How to claim health rebates with your private health fund

Let’s start with the basics. When it comes to getting money back on your next wellness treatment, it’s important to harness a massage rebate by health funds. 

Most service providers offer rebates for the majority of health funds but it’s probably a good idea to check with your health fund if they offer rebates for in-home treatments (and whether your coverage includes the service of your choice). 

Each health fund has a different set of rules and different types of massages they cover. But, most health funds cover Remedial massages while some cover Swedish massages

If your health fund does give rebates, follow these easy steps to ensure you’re getting some money back for your at-home massage when booking through Blys:

  • Select the massage type your health fund covers e.g Remedial Massage or Swedish Relaxation Massage as your massage type in the booking form. 
  • In the ‘Notes for your Therapist’ box add your health fund name when booking online or via the Blys app. 

The team at Blys will do our best to match you with a service provider in your local area that is registered with your fund.

To claim rebates with your private health fund, your therapist must also include these details: 

  • Your name and address
  • Date of treatment
  • Nature of treatment (you can add remedial massage)
  • Health Fund provider number(s)

After your treatment, the Blys team will send you an email with a tax invoice receipt created in the name and on behalf of your practitioner which can be used for your rebate claim. 

Unfortunately, payments for gift vouchers and booking using gift vouchers cannot be claimed unless the person who bought the voucher and the person receiving treatment is the same. Group and corporate bookings also cannot be claimed on your private health fund. 

When do health insurance benefits reset?

If you’re looking to book a massage with health fund rebate, it’s important to check when your health fund reset happens. 

Typically, the answer to ‘when do health funds reset?’ is on December 31st each year. That means any unused benefits and rebates will expire at the end of the year. Essentially, you need to use it or lose it. 

Make sure to check your health fund’s level of cover and the amount you can claim (as some health fund rebates come with a maximum amount and annual limits to what kinds of treatments and massage therapy services you can claim). 

Services to book before your health fund benefits expire 

Before the end of the year you’ll want to make use of the remaining benefits before your health fund renews at the end of the year. To take advantage of your extras, let’s run through some services to get marked in the calendar that get you ready for the new year ahead. 

1. Remedial Massage

A remedial massage is a therapeutic massage that aims to treat damaged, knotted and tensed muscles. Remedial massage is used to repair damaged areas of the body and can aid in the body’s healing process by targeting the aches and pains in the body. 

Depending on the problem or area of concern, varying degrees of pressure are applied to the body which strengthens your muscles, addressing both the root cause of the problem and the symptoms. 

Did you know that a remedial massage is one of the only massage treatments you can claim a health fund rebate for? 

That’s because it offers a stack of therapeutic and health benefits, including the ability to stimulate blood flow and circulation throughout the body, release tension and muscle tightness and can provide pain relief for people with specific injuries or chronic pain.

2. Swedish Relaxation Massage

With the end of the year approaching, it’s likely been a busy period with work or planning for the festive season. A Swedish massage can be just the answer you’re looking for to help you destress and improve your well-being. 

A Swedish massage is a popular massage treatment used to help you relax, destress, and give you more energy by using long, soft kneading strokes and harder chops to improve circulation and get rid of knots in your back and neck. 

The health benefits of Swedish massage include alleviating tension and stiffness and decreasing cortisol levels to help with stress and anxiety and even joint and muscle pain. The best bit? You  may be able to claim this treatment using your health fund benefits!

3. Physiotherapy 

If you’ve been suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain then there’s no better time to take advantage of your health fund benefits before they expire than with an at-home physio session

Physiotherapy uses physical techniques to assess and treat health conditions and reduce pain and stiffness from injuries, improve movement and speed up the body’s healing process. 

With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to schedule a physiotherapy session in your local clinic which most of the time doesn’t work after hours. Through the Blys platform, we can connect you with qualified and trusted physiotherapists who come to you on your terms either through in-person or telehealth consultations from 6am – Midnight, 7 days a week so there’s no excuse not to look after yourself!

4. Counselling and Psychology 

Did you know that on top of 20 claimable sessions with a mental health professional through Medicare each year, some private health insurance plans also offer rebates for counselling and psychology services? 

If you’ve used up your 20 sessions through Medicare, you still have time to claim your sessions from your health fund before they run out at the end of the year. 

Blys offers both Telehealth counselling and psychology services for a range of needs with fully qualified mental health professionals. 

5. Personal training 

You may not know this but some private health funds cover gym memberships and personal training if the exercise program is designed to improve a specific diagnosed medical condition or health issue. 

Your personal trainer will have to be a certified and qualified personal trainer so it’s important to check with your health fund if your specific personal trainer is part of their health management program

If your health fund does offer rebates for personal training sessions, Blys offers online and live personal training sessions tailored to your individual needs and goals. So, if you’ve got a medical or health condition that can be improved with an exercise program, make use of your extra cover and head into the new year fit and healthy. 

And that’s a wrap! With 2023 fast approaching, now is the time to put yourself first, prioritise your wellbeing and maximise your remaining health fund benefits. 

Are you searching for ‘a massage with health fund rebate near me?’ Skip travel time and waiting lists and book an in-home treatment through the Blys platform instead.

Get the most out of your health fund benefits before they run out and book an at-home treatment with Blys.

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