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15 Simple Self-Care Tips To Put A Spring In Your Step

By September 10, 2018 One Comment
Spring has finally sprung, and with the new season comes a host of new opportunities to better yourself. As the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to shift into the next gear of self-care. Just like our previous blog about mindfulness exercises, this time we’ll be focusing on a bunch of different things you can introduce into your self-care routine.

Spring Cleaning

Gross, right? We know it’s not always the most fun you can have at home, but cleaning is important. Not only does it make the space around you more hygienic, it can actually be pretty beneficial for your brain as well. One of the best way we’ve found to tackle our mess is by adopting the Kon Mari method. For those who may be unaware, cleaning extraordinaire and organisation aficionado Marie Kondo is the best-selling author of the world-wide phenomenon “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. We’d highly recommend checking it out if you’re ready to start decluttering your life and making steps towards a more organised and minimalistic future.

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But we also know that some of us like our stuff, and that’s okay, too. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an all-out purge of everything we’ve ever purchased – just put your stuff away! One of the key rules to follow is don’t put it down, put it away; instead of coming home and dumping your bag or shoes at the door, take 10 extra seconds to put them away. Remember that if you put things away immediately, it saves you having to move them twice later on.


We’ve also got to be real – spring is hay fever season. Nobody enjoys the sniffles and the snot, but keeping your house tidy will ensure that any allergens – pollen, dust mites, fibres – are kept to a minimum. So don’t skip the spring clean!

Spring Cleansing

This is a little different. While we talk about cleaning as the physical space around us, a cleanse is about our minds and bodies. We’re coming out of winter – the season indulgence and excuses. “It’s too cold!” is slipping further away from you as it gets sunnier. Let’s be honest: when it’s cold, one of the best ways to warm up is to eat hot food. Casseroles and roast dinners and copious amounts of apple pie are our winter favourites. While these dishes are always delicious, you begin to feel the after-effects of those winter feasts when spring finally arrives.

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Swap out the carb-heavy and salty meals for some lighter things. Spring salads can be awesome, and there are so many recipes out there to choose from that there’s definitely something to suit your fancy. Who says you don’t make friends with salad?

If the lettuce hasn’t won you over, then remember spring cleansing can mean something different in regards to your self-care routine. There’s been new movements in the mental health community that are placing emphasis on the importance of self-care as a means to emotional and mental stability. Spring is a fresh start for the earth as well as for the mind, so here are some little things for your self-care routine.

Try yoga

Yoga is one part body and one part mind. Used together, you learn discipline and balance and can achieve physical strength and mental clarity – both of which are vital to your soul.

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Get outdoors

The weather is warming up, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of the crisp mornings and balmy afternoons. Everyone knows that fresh air is good for you, so it’s time to slip into some sneakers and take a walk.

Meet up with mates

Some of us go into social hibernation during the winter time. On the cold nights we tend to go out less, preferring the creature comforts of fuzzy blankets and gas heaters. Spring is a new opportunity to rekindle those friendship you may have neglected during the chilly months.

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Get arty

Nothing quite gets the creative juices flowing like new life. Even if you aren’t the most proficient with a pencil or paintbrush, getting a little arty can be a great new hobby to adopt into your self-care routine. Plus, in a world where pretty much anything can be art, it doesn’t really matter how good turns out! Just label it “abstract” and take a bow.


There’s a difference between being inside your own head and knowing what’s inside your own head. Introspection is taking time to reflect on your emotional wellbeing. Meditation can be useful for this as it sets aside time to focus on your breathing and thoughts, allowing them to flow naturally in a controlled environment. If meditation makes you antsy, some people prefer to journal – whatever is the best way to release some of your thoughts and make way for new ones. Introspection is key for mental self-care.

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Read a book

What better way to enjoy a book than on a blanket under a tree? It’s such a romantic vision to be sprawled out among the greenery, book in hand, and it can absolutely be a reality! If jogging or cycling isn’t really your jam, you can still make the most of the fresh air and sunshine when you pick up and a book and set yourself up outside. Reading is a calm activity that uses our brain’s muscles – so hey, you’re still working out.

Get into the garden

Spring is a time of growth and renewal. This is the beautiful season of colour when all the flowers bloom and everything turns that fresh shade of green that makes your mouth water. If you’ve ever thought about growing a veggie patch or a herb garden, now is the perfect time to do it! Gardening is a hobby that is good for the soul. For little kids, it teaches responsibility and a nurturing touch, which are important life and social skills. For adults, it can be a means of giving back to earth and a source of healing.

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Start a personal project

Sometimes the new season can have us feeling a little lost. We might start to feel like we owe it to ourselves to just do something. After spending the last three or so months rugged up on the couch binging Netflix, the good weather can make us feel a bit guilty when we stay indoors. If this is the case, why not start a personal project? It can be anything, indoors or outdoors. Maybe you’re into writing, blogging, graphic design or videography. Or perhaps you’ve got a mechanical mind and an engineer’s hands. Whatever your niche interest might be, make a project out of it! Setting goals is motivational and perfect to begin during the spring season.


A massage is a great way to relieve not only any physical discomfort you may be experiencing, but also mental tension. To find out which kind of massage might be the best one for you, we’ve previously written a blog about the difference between deep tissue and relaxation massage. If you’re looking to revitalise you body and ease your mind, implementing massages into your self-care routine is a fantastic way to do it. Book yours here!

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Write your gratitudes

When we have lots on our mind, it’s critical that we don’t let it consume us, especially if it’s negative. Dwelling on the bad times isn’t good for anyone, and so writing your gratitudes is a great way to reflect on things that you appreciate. They can be big things – like certain people who have helped you in times of need – or something as simple as “I’m thankful for the cereal that nourished my body this morning.” Being grateful is soothing for the soul and a healthy addition to your self-care routine.

Arrange some flowers (or fakes if you’re allergic)

If you’re not getting outside as much as you like, you can still bring the new season indoors. Florists will have a wonderful assortment of flowers in stock to bring home. Set some crisp lilies, soft roses or pretty petunias in your favourite vase and enjoy the sights and smells of spring from indoors. As for those who may have pollen allergies (we feel you!), fake flowers are our guilty pleasure. They look good and last eternally, and when you set up an essential oil diffuser, the house can smell almost identical.

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Bake something

Push up the windows and open the curtains. Let the sweet spring smells in and the sweet smells of the kitchen out. Baking is awesome, because not only is it a tonne of fun, but you get to eat whatever you make afterwards. And best of all, baking can be tailored to whatever you enjoy. Of course we’re always going to preach about being healthy, but a sneaky snack or two won’t hurt anyone! Besides, there are always healthier alternatives to those naughty ingredients.

Let go

Sometimes the best thing you can do for self-care is to let go. Spring is a new leaf and a new chance at bettering yourself and crafting the exact person you want to be. So whether it’s finally cutting ties with the toxicity in your life, or making moves to forge new relationships and life avenues, letting go of whatever is holding you back is the best step to take for self-care.

spring self-care

We hope this has inspired you to start your self-care journey this spring. It’s a wonderful time of year to find peace within yourself. If you think a massage might be the right place to start, then book yours now!