The Blys Partner Brand Kit includes digital assets that you can download and use for social media, flyers and other collateral to promote our pioneering on-demand massage service.

The purpose of this kit is to provide you with a set of tools that will make it easy for you to raise awareness for your partnership with Blys.

Digital Assets

Download Blys logos here.

Download social media assets here

Examples of the social media assets are below. To download individual images, right click on the image and select ‘Save Image As’. 

Massage therapist marketing kit 1
Massage therapist marketing kit 2 - Blys
Massage therapist marketing kit 3 - Blys
Massage therapist marketing kit - Blys image 1
  • If you would like to tag Blys in any of your posts you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please also remember to use the hashtag #blyssed for your chance to be featured on our social media channels!
  • We will continue to add new creative based on feedback. Please reach out to if you have any comments or ideas.

Printed Flyers


You have 2 options to have printed copies of Blys flyers;

  1. Download a digital file and print at home
  2. Order a delivery of printed flyers


To download individual images, right click on the image you want to download, and select ‘Save Image As’. 

To order printed flyers through MOO, our partner printing company. Instructions for ordering with MOO are below.

therapist promotional flyer front
therapist promotional flyer back

How to Order Printed Flyers


Step 1: Logging in

You will receive an email with account details.

blys massage therapist marketing kit - moo business card sign-up

Step 2: Click the link and create a password.

MOO password creation

Step 3: When you login you will see this dashboard view. 

MOO account dashboard

Step 4: We have created editable templates for business cards and flyers. You can find these by clicking the green + button in the right hand corner and selecting Use a company template option. 

MOO Business card account

Step 5: You can choose a template from the business card or flyer section. 

MOO Business cards and flyers

Ordering business cards on MOO

Step 1: Select business cards from the template options. You will see the Blys Massage Therapist template.

Blys massage therapist business card

Step 2: Click the Firstname Lastname section and start typing your name. 

Editing MOO business cards

Step 3: Continue by clicking Design backs in the right-hand corner. 

Designing MOO Business cards

Step 4: Nothing is required on this page. Simply click the Edit paper button in the right-hand corner to continue. 

Blys business cards

Step 5: Select your paper. We recommend the Original option. Once selected, click Review design in the top right-hand corner. 

Moo business card paper selection

Step 6: Double check your design to make sure you are happy with the name and paper type. 

review design

Step 7: Proceed with ordering or create another business card order using that template. 

ordering moo business cards

Step 8: If you have clicked Start ordering, you will see a summary of your order (including cost). If you are happy with this, click Add to cart and go to your cart (in the top right-hand corner).

ordering moo business cards

Step 9: If this is your first time ordering with this account, you will need to add your shipping address. Click the Add address box to do this. You can also update the quantity of cards ordered on this page. 

moo business card order

Step 10: Once the address is added, you will have another opportunity to edit the quantity of cards and also postage options. Regular shipping is normally free. 

ordering moo business cards

Step 11: In this section, you can review the cost and add payment details. Once you add these, you can click Place order and your order will be complete. YAY! 

payment with moo business

placing a moo order

Ordering flyers on MOO

Step 1: It’s a similar process when you want to order flyers on MOO. Once you select Flyers from the template option page you will be taken the Blys flyer design.

moo business flyers for Blys

Step 2: Select the flyer and click the editable section under Book me. This is where you can type your name. This will make it easy for customers to specifically request you when they make a booking. 

book me on Blys

Step 3: Once you have added your details, you can proceed through the same steps as outlined for the business cards. 


Please contact our Marketing Manager – Steph Scott ( – if you have any questions around collateral, design or branding.