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    WeWorkSydney, Event Massage

    “Working with Blys truly was a Bliss! Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. The event was seamless, and our members loved every moment of it. The spot of relaxation we all needed in our day!”

    Tennis AustraliaMelbourne, Event Massage

    “Thank you Blys for your involvement at our 5th Annual Health & Wellbeing Day. They were extremely professional and there has been nothing but praise from our team on the massages provided. It created an extremely relaxing environment for our staff and also helped those who had just worked hard in our Boxing or PT sessions who needed to relax their sore muscles.”

    Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydney, Event Massage

    “Just wanted to say how amazing the massages were today! The Team absolutely loved it, and we will be booking you again in the future.”

    LendfinSydney, Event Massage

    “WOW! What an experience. We are so happy with your service and the professionalism of the Ingrid and Gustav.
    Everyone was so happy with their massages today, and the only complaint was that I should have booked the therapists for longer. We can’t wait to use Blys again and I personally can’t wait to get a therapist to come to my home in the near future. We give you a 5 star review for customer service, from booking to massage.
    Thank you, from the relaxed team at Lendfin!!”

    Haven The AgencySydney, Event Massage

    “The conference went extremely well and the massages were a hit! We will be rebooking for next year.”


    Why to choose Event Massage from Blys?

    Qualified therapists - Blys White


    All therapists on the Blys platform are qualified, carefully vetted and insured so you can sit back and relax knowing you’re in good hands (literally).

    Reliable - Blys White


    Our packages cater to groups of all sizes. No event is too big or too small.

    Personal - Blys White


    Blys uses the latest technology to provide a truly on-demand experience. Think of us like the ‘Uber for Massages’. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got a few questions?

    1. What is event massage?

    Event massage is a type of massage where 2 or more people receive a massage at an event, conference or in a corporate setting.

    2. How long is massage at event?

    Depending on how many people are receiving a massage, event massage can be a few short hours or take up the whole day! For the individual, event massage length may vary, with the option for roving desk (5-20 mins), chair (10-30mins) or table massage (30 mins or more).

    3. What are the benefits of event massage?

    Event massage is perfect for large groups. If your team is feeling the corporate blues, an event massage is a great way to improve morale, decrease stress levels and boost productivity and motivation levels.

    5. What is pre and post event massage?

    Pre and post event massage usually refers to a receiving a massage before and after a sporting event. Pre-event massage aims to increase blood circulation and flexibility to get the body ready before a competition, workout or sporting performance. A post-event massage aims to alleviate muscle stiffness and help recovery after high intensity exercise.

    6. What is the goal of post event massage?

    The goal of post event massage is to help the body recover after high intensity exercise by decreasing muscle stiffness, improving blood circulation and targeting areas of soreness or pain.

    7. How long is pre event massage?

    Pre-event massage tends to be a shorter massage, around 10 minutes in length.

    8. What does pre event massage do?

    Pre-event massage increases the blood circulation in the body through brisk and vigourous massage. This quickly engages the muscles, increases flexibility and helps the mind and body prepare for the upcoming sporting event.

    9. What are the difference between pre and post event massage?

    While pre-event massage aims to prepare the body for high intensity exercise, post-event massage aims to help the body recover from the event. You can consider pre-event massage like a warm-up and post-event as the cool-down from the sporting event.

    10. What are the benefits of pre event massage?

    The benefits of pre-event massage are:
    – Increased blood circulation
    – Engaged muscles
    – Flexibility
    – Physical and mental preparedness for upcoming event

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