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Blys partners with upcover simplifying insurance for wellness professionals

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blys upcover partnership

As a mobile massage, beauty or wellness professional much of your day to day is spent working on your clients mind and body. Like all hands-on careers, this comes with risks you want to ensure you’re covered for, especially if you’re a sole trader. 

That’s where our new industry partner upcover comes in. With upcover’s insurance cover for independent massage and beauty therapists, hairdressers and wellness professionals, providers using Blys can now protect themselves and their clients by purchasing both professional indemnity and public and products liability at one affordable combined price.

For Blys founder Ilter Dumduz, this partnership is another extension of our mission to support independent massage, beauty and wellness professionals to earn a sustainable income on the Blys platform without the admin that comes with running a mobile business.

“The work you often hear us talking about is our mission to make wellness services accessible but an equally important part of our business is the work we’re doing to create financial wellness for mobile massage and beauty providers in Australia.

Partnering with upcover was a no brainer, because it allows us to remove one more, often confusing barrier to running your mobile business, while ensuring that providers, their clients and their businesses are protected while doing what they love. Through this partnership we can get sole traders onboarded faster and earning a sustainable income through our platform in only a matter of days.”

Ilter Dumduz, Founder of Blys

Why upcover?

Like Blys, upcover is dedicated to supporting sole traders in running their businesses successfully, safely and with ease. We wanted to partner with an Australian insurance provider we knew would understand the challenges and needs of mobile business owners as well as the clients they’re dedicating their career to helping.

“I’m so excited to start this partnership with Blys. Being a new mum, I know the struggle of looking after your own wellbeing, let alone having the time to leave the house for a self-care treatment. Being able to book online and have a professional come to the house, as a customer, means I can not only relax from my treatment but also from knowing if I need to jump up to check on the baby, I can. This is an amazing opportunity for so many Australians and we’re excited to be able to help Blys make their platform even better for the thousands of sole traders they have onboard.”

Skye Theodorou, Upcover CEO and Co-founder

What does the partnership mean for providers on Blys?

The core difference between Blys and traditional brick-and-mortar spas and salons is that providers on the Blys platform are independent sole traders who use the Blys platform to find clients and run their mobile business. As a sole trader, you’re required to have an ABN and be responsible for the safety of your clients, yourselves and your business. 

This is where upcover steps in. Through this partnership, Blys can now offer our provider members public & products liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance to ensure them and their business is covered from things like third party injuries, advice related complaints and property damage. 

All new and existing providers on Blys will receive an exclusive discount of $50 off their annual insurance policy and be able to get a quote seamlessly while signing up to Blys, and should they choose to, buy their business insurance in minutes 100% online through upcover.

How upcover works and what is covered:

Under upcover’s ‘allied health professionals insurance’ which covers over 20 different therapy professions including massage therapists, beauty therapists, hairdressers, physiotherapists, counsellors and more, providers on the Blys platform can get insurance cover starting from only $280 per year, with an additional exclusive Blys discount of $50 off their annual insurance policy .

We’re also thrilled that upcover is soon to offer a monthly payment option, providing more flexibility for providers on the Blys platform and just another benefit of this partnership. 

So what can you be covered for?

Public liability:

Public liability insurance protects you and your business against any liability if someone is injured while you are providing your services in Australia.

Professional indemnity:

Professional indemnity insurance protects you for claims made against your business in the course of you providing your professional services.

Property damage:

Products liability insurance protects you for claims made against your business for any products sold or supplied to you by a third party.

Investigation costs:

Investigation costs cover legal costs and expenses in responding to an investigation from an official body on a complaint made against you or your business.

Complimentary legal advice:

This provides 1 hour of complimentary legal advice to you each year from our insurance partner’s panel of solicitors, for any matter which is notified to us and may become a claim.

Ready to update your insurance?

Learn more about upcover, and how you can save time, money and effort by combining your insurance request an instant quote via the link below.

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Blys may earn a commission from upcover when you purchase a business insurance policy as a result of this referral.