Pregnancy Facial

Fights the appearance of exhaustion & deeply nourishes the skin.

Certified & trusted practitioners, all screened in advance

Pregnancy is extremely taxing on a woman’s body. Not only is she responsible for growing a new life, she still has to look after herself. Hormones can do wonders to the human body…if only we could control what exactly it is that they do. Dry skin, breakouts, pregnancy acne, excess oil – a Pregnancy Facial can assist in managing all these things whilst being deeply relaxing.

Exposure to UV rays, poor quality air, our environment and what we consume all plays a key role in the health of our skin. Pregnancy is a whole other factor that mums-to-be have to contend with when it comes to skin. A Pregnancy Facial can help to nourish and hydrate the skin, and soothe hormonal flair-ups.

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