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How Massage Can Help You Get Better Sleep

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Sleep is the body’s ultimate time for restoration. The act of sleeping plays a vital role in promoting healthy bodily functions and recovering from illness and injury. Your health and well-being will generally be compromised if you are experiencing disrupted or limited sleep. But, you probably already knew that.

  • Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders can appear for several reasons, like excessive stress or physical injury. At least one-third of Australians experience insomnia at some point in their lifetime and don’t know how to address it.

better sleep

Studies from Harvard Medical School have proven that insomnia or sleeping disorders can be detrimental to general health. If not treated, the sleep-deprived will eventually experience a loss of concentration and lack of motivation. Often, prescription medicines are taken to counteract the problem which can lead to dependence without curing the issue. This is because there are so many underlying factors that may lead a person to experience insomnia.

  • Combatting fatigue

Many people do not realize that holistic health methods, such as massage therapy, can help combat fatigue. People will typically request a massage therapist to soothe muscle aches and address sore joints. Receiving a massage has numerous benefits. Relaxing the body and calming the nervous system are just two of these benefits. It is one of the most practiced methods in promoting sleep for infants. The use of massage therapy on adults to assist sleep disorders is significantly growing in popularity.

  • The brief science of massage

Anatomical and physical ailments aside, a study by the Institute for Integrative Healthcare has found that people with sleeping issues lack positive brain chemicals, which directly impact moods, appetite, and body temperature. Massage therapy has been proven to increase these levels, which is the perfect alternative for those desperate to sleep, but cannot justify taking medications.

  • How massage can help you

Taking an hour out to relax is a difficult feat for the fatigued with racing minds. Mobile massage therapy is the perfect solution for this. An expert mobile massage therapist can visit your home, at an hour that is close to bedtime. Your mind and body will relax and you will be able to fall asleep easier.

better sleep

Massage therapy is great for assisting in overcoming sleep disorders. Not only does it address sleeping issues related to physical pain, but it also relaxes the mind. Mobile massage therapy allows you to relax and celebrate your own health and wellbeing in your own comfortable and supportive environment.

For the sleep-deprived, it is time to prioritise health and focus on self-care. A proper massage and decent sleep will revitalise the body and as each day passes, energy levels will naturally increase.

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