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Don’t Have a Stressful Holiday: How to Beat Christmas Stress and Even Enjoy this Festive Season

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Christmas can truly be a demanding and tough season of the year. There are indeed a lot of expectations when it comes to presents and festive meals to prepare. Because of this, people become more stressed in dealing with the Christmas season than with any other occasion.

Yes, it is supposedly a joyous and the most frenetic time of the year, but due to hectic preparations, stress and pressure come hand in hand. With the seemingly endless things that need to be done, it can seem like the time is not enough to finish all of them.

According to the American Psychological Association, 80% of people know their stress will definitely increase during the holiday season. In other cases, this can even lead to a more serious problem which is depression. The Mayo Clinic also reveals that depression is indeed an unwanted guest during Christmas. Most of us may deny this possibility of a psychological concern, but we should really take this into consideration, especially for those who are going through some tough times.

Worry less, beat the Christmas stress!

Here’s how you can beat the Christmas stress and enjoy this festive season more than ever.

Pause for a while


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According to ABC News, University of Melbourne psychologist Dr. Erica Frydenberg stated that December is the time of the year when most people try to rush things, which make them feel completely exhausted. In this regard, she proposed that people should find their own peace by pausing and reflecting in order to keep those negative thoughts away. Better yet, they can turn it into something positive or productive. For instance, instead of stressing yourself while you’re stuck in slow and heavy traffic, it would be best to take this opportunity to relax and try to be as positive as possible. You can play some mobile games, listen to music, or watch some clips.

In line with that, you may also want to get the services of Blys Massage. With their Swedish massage and other types of massages, you can find time to pause, reflect, and relax in the comfort of your own home. They have the best and most qualified therapists that can offer their services and go directly to your place. With this, you don’t need to wait for your turn at the massage spa and go back home afterwards, feeling tired again. The good news here is that they work even during the holiday season (from 8 A.M. to 12 M.N., 7 days a week). They can come to your doorstep in as little as an hour or less.


Be aware of your spending limit, don’t go over it!


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According to WebMD, the lack of funds can really be the biggest cause of holiday stress or dilemma. Admit it, we are all guilty of this! So, to prevent this stress from eating up our sanity, plan with a budget and do not attempt to go over it. It is indeed a crime to buy gifts that you will spend the rest of next year paying for. Don’t attempt to share happiness with just giving gifts. It is much better to go and give something personalized. It really doesn’t have to cost much to make other people happy.


Get organized by listing all your tasks and events on or before Christmas


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You should really plan and organize your holiday schedule. This will help you prevent the last-minute rush to the malls or grocery stores. It would also be best to make your Christmas list as detailed as possible, so you won’t get stuck in the middle of something you’re doing and so that you don’t forget anything. You can also spend more time with your family and friends while you’re sharing the tasks you need to complete, like putting some Christmas decors at home, shopping, gift wrapping, and of course, prepare the holiday meals.

Respond to stressful situations in a healthy and sound manner


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Take a break and don’t go over sacrificing your health. Always make sure to prioritize yourself by meditating and doing some relaxation exercises. You can go for short walks in the morning before doing your regular routine or have a night stroll after your work hours. Remember not to skip meals, or better yet, just enjoy the ease of online shopping while listening to your favourite tunes at home!

Don’t hesitate to get support from professionals


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Holidays can trigger depression if you are unable to let it go at its early stages, especially when you are already dealing with a break-up or are mourning. You may also feel hesitant to ask someone for help because you think that it would be too much trouble to do so. However, there are other people who may really need to talk to a doctor or counsellor to receive treatment or to get some sound advice. 

Don’t forget your healthy habits


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According to NBC Health News, the overconsumption of food during the holidays only adds guilt and anxiety to people; therefore, try to indulge on healthy snacks before going to parties and celebrations. Take a breather by exercising, and make sure to refresh your mind and body every once in a while.



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Despite doing our best to prepare for Christmas, we may still find ourselves feeling anxious and stressed out because of the tiresome things we need to accomplish before the big day. However. this is a normal thing today and something that can be hard to avoid. If you think you don’t need a medical professional’s help to overcome this, then at least make sure to talk to someone who you trust the most. You can even do activities together. Perhaps you would both feel better with a Swedish massage right in your home. Book an in-home Blys Massage now to alleviate some of that Christmas stress.

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