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Group Massage: The Ultimate Pampering Experience

By August 20, 2016 No Comments

It’s your hen weekend and you and your girlfriends are staying in Sydney. After weeks of stress spent preparing for your wedding, you finally get some free time, and even better, you have all your besties with you to celebrate your upcoming nuptials in style! What better way is there to start your weekend than with a group massage?

Hotel room massage

Rather than having to spend the time searching for a massage clinic in the city, opting for a mobile massage means you can relax with your friends in the luxurious surrounds of your hotel room; your massage therapist comes to you. You’ll be able to shower, have a leisurely breakfast and even indulge in a couple of glasses of champagne before your massage, to make it truly special.


Hotel Massage Sydney - Blys


Different massage techniques available

When you have a Blys hotel massage in Sydney, you have the option of Swedish, remedial or sports massage, depending on your individual needs. All of these massage styles have different benefits. If you participate in physical activity regularly and are after a massage that releases knots and realigns muscle and connective tissue, sports massage is a good choice. For those suffering from poor body alignment or wanting to reduce stress, remedial massage can often assist these complaints. But if you’re wanting a great relaxation massage – which would probably be the most suitable option for hen’s weekend, you will love the feeling of bliss you can experience with a Swedish massage.

Tailored massage service

As Blys have a wide selection of experienced massage therapists available, specialising in different massage techniques, group massage can be tailored to suit the needs of every member of your party.

Rather than give your bridal party a gift for helping you prepare your wedding, paying for a group massage is a fantastic way to say thank you. It will also be a fond memory you can share for the rest of your life as the lead up to your special day.

If you’re interested in having a 5-star massage treatment delivered to you, please contact the friendly team here at Blys today or make your booking online. We offer the safest, fastest and easiest massage services in Sydney, with the convenience of in room massage.

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