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How Couples Massage Nurtures Your Relationship

By October 24, 2019 No Comments
A couples massage is one of the most romantic ways to treat yourself and someone special. It’s a shared experience that makes you feel bonded and brings you closer together. The act of touch fosters intimacy and nurtures your relationship by providing a physically relaxing and restorative experience. By increasing feelings of calm and well-being, you both walk away feeling lighter, happier and stronger as a unit.

couples massage

Of course, a couples massage doesn’t have to be booked for the romance factor. A shared massage experience is great for friends and family members as well – it’s a great date idea whether you’re going for romance or friendship. But, for the sake of this blog, we’ll be assuming that you’re booking your next couples massage with your partner. (Aw!)

What is a couples massage?

A couples massage is a therapy that treats two people either simultaneously with two therapists, or back-to-back with a single therapist. Not only is a couples massage physically beneficial, but it has many emotional benefits as well. For example, massage therapy releases positive chemicals from the brain that increase feelings of calm and wellness – in essence, it makes you happier. Two happy people make a happy couple!

What does it involve?

When you book a couples massage from Blys, it is enjoyed in the comfort, privacy and security of your own home or hotel room. There are two different ways to book a couples massage.

  • Simultaneous (2 therapists)
    • Very romantic, synchronised massages performed by two different massage therapists
    • Your massage will be customised to suit each of you (style and intensity)
    • A perfect way to wind down together
    • Shared the experience together as it happens
    • End the massage together and bask in the after-glow immediately upon completion
  • Back-to-back (1 therapist)
    • A shared experience, done solo (you enjoy your massage separate from the other person)
    • More individual emphasis – you both enjoy the same treat in your own time
    • Same masseuse, same experience (another thing you can discuss in the after-glow)
    • One person gets to relax and have a bit of me-time while the other attends to other needs/chores (and then you both swap – fair’s fair!)

couples massage

You massage therapist/s will bring all their own equipment, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. A great experience is their #1 priority while they are treating you, so just lie back, relax, and enjoy it together.

What is so romantic about a couples massage?

Touch is the most powerful of our 5 senses. It is our strongest communication tool as it has the ability to speak without words. How someone touches you determines how you feel about that person, both positive and negative. This is why many people choose massage therapy: it is a way of communicating with your body and mind. Touch is intimate – not always intimate in a sensual way, but in a way that fosters empathy and human connection. You can say a lot in a single touch.

A couples massage provides a shared experience that allows both people to be intimate and vulnerable with one another. Whether you choose to chat and talk through feelings, or just enjoy the physical relaxation in silence, a couples massage is a fantastic way to nurture your relationship. Romance grows where people sow the seeds of intimacy, empathy and vulnerability. A couples massage facilitates these feelings.

Feeling nervous?

We know that massage is not everyone’s idea of “fun” or “romance”. Some people may grow nervous at the idea of a potential stranger touching their body. Whilst we do urge everyone to at least try a massage (people are so often surprised by the positive impacts of massage), stepping out of your comfort zone can be a challenge.

couples massage

A couples massage is a fantastic way to dip your toe into the waters of massage therapy. Hasn’t it always been a comfort to have someone you trust by your side? Especially when you’re trying something new. Booking a couples massage with your partner is a great way to get out there and give it a go. Massage has so many benefits that you are bound to get something positive from the experience.

Even if you decide it isn’t your thing, it’s a shared story you can both reminisce about later. There’s always a silver lining.

What to expect from your couples massage.

If you’re familiar with massage, you can expect that you will feel physically fitter and mentally clearer after your massage. Massage improves mobility and flexibility, relaxes stiff joints and reduces tension and pain. If those are things either one of you are always complaining about, bookings a couples massage is a great way to get relief for both of you. When we feel physically well, be feel better mentally; eliminate the pain, erase the issue.

couples massage

Massage promotes feelings of calm and relaxation. It also boosts energy, vitality and immunity by improving circulation around the body and helping flush out toxins. Think about it: someone who is chilled out and healthy is a much better person to deal with than someone who is feeling crabby, unwell, or down in the dumps. Expect that booking a couples massage will make you both feel miles better on the inside as well.

Massage can improve your relationship.

Not just your relationship with your partner, but your relationship with yourself. A person who knows who they are also knows what they bring to a relationship. It’s important to focus on communication, and a couples massage provides that reprieve; reprieve to dedicate time to yourselves and each other simultaneously. Enjoy the chance to soak up the good vibes, ruminate on your feelings, and enjoy a shared experience and a stronger bond as partners.