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The Best Hairstyles For Men With A Round Face

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When it comes to finding a great hairstyle, choosing one that is flattering to your face shape is essential and while everyone should be able to rock whatever style they love, there are particular styles that will compliment and enhance your features best.

For men with a round or circular face shape, they often hear they have ‘baby face’ looks, but with the right cut or facial hair, you can add shape and strong angles to your look, completely transforming your face shape.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will create definition to your face, look no further than our list of the best haircuts and hairstyles for men with round faces.

What are the best haircuts for round-faced men?

Round-faced men have distinct facial features that are wider on top and narrower towards the chin.

While there’s no single perfect hairstyle for men with round faces, the best haircut styles for men with round faces will be those that add width at the temples to balance out their features. The haircut you choose needs to suit not only your face shape, but your personality and level of upkeep you’re committing to taking on. But don’t despair, there’s a range of options that men with round faces can choose to achieve a stylish look.

Long Locks

Longer hair will not only add volume to men with round face shapes, it will also help to balance out the width of your face as well as any roundness in your cheeks or jawline. You can opt to grow it down to past your shoulders or have it cut just above or below ear level.

Side Sweep

The long on top, side-swept hairstyle has been popular among many male celebs in recent years. This hairstyle not only looks great, but it’s relatively easy to pull off for most hair types, without much upkeep or effort. It will keep your hair out of your eyes and give it some extra volume as well. Just make sure not to choose anything longer than chin length since this could make round face shapes look even fuller around the cheeks and jawline.

Classic Pompadour

Round-faced men experimenting with the classic pompadour should avoid going too short on top. Ask your barber to blend the hair on top with a longer fringe that’s swept up and back. Men can wear this style slicked down or messy but keep it long enough in the front so you have some length there too.

French Crop with Beard

If you’re ready to rock a classic street style look then consider going for a French crop and facial hair. This cut is short on the back and sides and will add height and movement when styled with a longer fringe. You can also lengthen the face with a trimmed beard or a full beard.

Should round-faced men maintain facial hair?

Facial hair is a great addition to play around with for men with round faces. A beard will create contrast on a rounded face, allowing it to appear more angular and masculine. Round faces should try having longer sideburns that taper into the chin slightly; this is another way of adding definition to your cheekbones which are often emphasized on a round face. 

To further elongate and define your face, keep your neck clean-shaven as there’s often little length between the bottom of your jawline and the top of your neck. If you keep the beard growing down your neck, be sure to keep it at a uniform length with the rest of your hair. 

What’s the best hair care for men with round faces?

Now you’ve found the best hairstyle to suit your face, it’s time to combine it with the right care! Regular upkeep and maintenance will keep you looking stylish, year round. 

To help hold your hair in place use light styling products such as mousses, gels, or creams after showering when hair is still damp. You can also use a matte styling hair product that will create volume for your hair.

If you are using hair products like wax or pomade to keep your hair in place, it’s best to blow dry your hair first to ensure that the products will be absorbed completely. A good pomade holds your hair in place and can help you create angles and texture.

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