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The Best DIY Stretches and Self-Massage Techniques To Know

You’re floating. Everything around you is soft, light, breezy. Your skin is glowing, your hair is silky. Never before have you felt so fresh, energised or optimistic. You are the queen of smelling good and feeling great. Invincible, untouchable; better than a million bucks. Stress? Pain? Tension? Never heard of them.

That smile can’t be wiped off your face – and is that…drool? Maybe a little. No shame! You slide off the table lavishing praise – you’ll write them a Nobel Prize review, you promise. Your therapist is Australian of the Year in your eyes. You’re already rebooking for the same time next month when a sudden, terrible realisation hits you:

Next month is a long way away.

So, how can I feel good in-between massages?

While we’re firm believers that nothing can replace massage in your wellness routine, there are definitely some things you can do to lock in the freshness. Listening to your body and determining where you need attention is what a massage therapist excels at. They’ve done all the study, a lot of training, and clocked the hours.

While you’re on the table, you are in their very capable and skilled hands. Spend this time enjoying the motions of massage, and discovering where your body holds tension. Once you recognise your triggers, you’ll have an easier time addressing them on your own. Body maintenance between massages should be part of your wellness routine. A massage can undo the damage that stress, tension, injury or poor posture has inflicted over time. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your massage every time, strive to stay on top of all the hard work your therapist put in for you.

What is self-massage?

Self-massage is exactly as it sounds: massage performed on the self.

Now, a disclaimer: we know that unless you’re super freaky double-jointed, you won’t be getting an elbow in the back. There are, however, some key places in the body that self-massage is great for. In particular, the face, head, neck, shoulders and wrists. These are five areas where our body works really hard every day.

We use our facial muscles more than any other muscles in the body – talking, eating, laughing, frowning, sneezing. Have you ever laughed so much your jaw hurt? Or smiled so hugely your cheeks ached? How much time do you put into making sure these key muscles are working properly?

A facial massage can be majorly beneficial to your muscles, skin and overall complexion. Lucky for all of us, we sat down with Ingrid, one of our beloved Blys therapists, who has shared an amazing self-massage routine for the face to our Instagram. Check out this snippet down below:

You can see the rest of the routine on our Instagram highlights! Doing self-massage is the perfect pick-me-up for in-between massages.   Depending on the style of your massage and the condition of your body, your massage therapist may suggest some stretches you can do on your own to maintain the work they’ve done.

At-home DIY stretches for post-massage wellness

Anyone who works at a desk or at least spends long periods of time at a computer, laptop or tablet knows the perils of sore wrists. Afflications like carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are becoming increasingly common as the digital age advances. Wrist, hand or arm-related cramps, pains and tension are frustrating and can be debilitating, impacting your concentration, productivity and effectiveness at work.

Learning how to work ergonomically is critical for everyone who lives and works in a desk-centric environment. Preventative measures should always be the first step in treatment. Luckily, we sat down with Victoria, a top therapist working with Blys. She has shared a DIY stretching and massage routine for the keyboard warriors of the world.

This video was also filmed for our Instagram! Make sure you’re following Blys to keep up to date with our latest tips, tricks, promotions and competitions. Victoria also gave us a demo of some DIY stretches you can do on yourself for when you’ve got a sore neck and shoulders.

Tension in this upper region is extremely common and can be caused by almost anything. Bad sleep, stagnancy, poor posture, abrupt movement or strain can increase tension, stiffness and soreness in the neck and shoulders. By utilising these stretches on a regular basis, you can tackle this discomfort head on.

Learning preventative body maintenance is key to remaining fully mobile, comfortable and productive. Check out both of Victoria’s routines on our Instagram.

How to use a foam roller

A foam roller should be a key ingredient in a wellness recipe. This tool is specially designed to target muscles you can’t reach on your own. Simply place the roller on the ground and allow the weight of your body to get into those tough-to-reach muscles. Foam rollers are extremely effective when used correctly. To walk us through how to use one, we brought in Jurek – one of the top male therapists with Blys.

A foam roller doesn’t just have to be used on your back. As Jurek demonstrates, you can also roll out the legs and oblique muscles for a full-body stretch routine. Jurek is a remedial sports scientist, so he knows what he’s talking about! Our only advice would be that if you have long hair, make sure you tie it up to avoid rolling over it and pulling your neck.

It’s all about preventative measures

There is nothing out there that can truly replace a good massage, but there are definitely little things like the above videos you can do to help keep the effects fresh. All Blys massage therapists are trained and qualified in a variety of massage styles. A good massage will always leave you feeling refreshed, energised and more limber – even if you initially feel a bit sore afterwards (particularly if you’ve had a deep tissue or sports massage).

It’s all about preventative measures and maintenance. It’s much easier (and less painful) to address the bad thing before it happens rather than try to fix the damage once it’s done.

A huge thank you to Ingrid, Victoria and Jurek for being such great sports and providing some excellent advice and demos! You can check out profiles for Ingrid, Victoria and Jurek to book them directly.